Arranging Contemporary Styles Online learning

Study with Dan online.  This course uses the Groove Essentials book and the Tutti Video program.  Click to the read the course description at Berklee Online.  Click on the video below describing the Gibraltar Jazz Clinics

Essential Grooves - Book CD and Data multi-track

Required for CWP majors at Berklee College of Music and Online Arranging 1 Rhythm Section and Arranging Contemporary Styles.

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Live Web Ex Lessons

Live improvisation, writing and producing lessons

via Web Ex.

Producing and Mixing Contemporary Jazz - Book and Data DVD

How to with multi-track audio, scores and samples.  

here's one of the 4 multi-track songs included in the book

"Avant Blue"

Avant_Blue_Score.pdf "option click to download score"

The Tutti Interactive Video Platform - Clickable Interactive Video and Music

The App can be slowed down with pitch and frame accuracy.

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